Abraham Telvi

Abraham "Abe" Telvi (September 12, 1934 – July 28, 1956) was an associate of Johnny Dio of the Lucchese crime family.


In 1956, Telvi was ordered by Dio to throw acid on New York journalist Victor Riesel for making radio and television appearances about labor union corruption. In the morning of April 5, 1956, Telvi attacked Victor Riesel as he was leaving Lindy's, a Broadway restaurant, throwing sulfuric acid onto his face leaving him permanently blind. In the attack, Telvi had burned himself badly on the right side of his face and neck with some of the acid that splashed on him. He was paid $1,175 in cash and began demanding more money from Dio. On July 28, 1956 Telvi was found dead on Mulberry Street with a bullet in his head.

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