Alan Longo

Alan "Baldie" Longo (born April 2, 1950) is an New York City mobster and caporegime in the Genovese crime family who became heavily involved in stock fraud schemes. Longo is a huge man, standing 6' 8" and weighing 320 lbs, he is balding, burly, tall, paunchy and near-sighted man. But was known to intimidate a lot of men due to his monstrous size and towering height.

Stock scams

Longo ran his Brooklyn rackets out of a social club in the Carroll Gardens section of Brooklyn. During the 1990s, Longo's capo Alphonse Malangone began a highly lucrative stock scams on Wall Street with DeCavalcante crime family capo Philip Abramo. The mobsters earned their crime families billions of dollars. Longo and Abramo were involved in manipulating the Initial Public Offering (IPO) of Mayfair stock. Investigators alleged that Longo and Abramo came to dominate and control Bahamian companies involved in financing such IPOs and similar transactions.

Acting capo

On April 25, 2001, Longo and Colombo crime family acting boss Alphonse Persico were indicted on racketeering charges, including charges of pump-and-dump scams and loansharking. Prosecutors gathered much of their evidence through the undercover work of mob informant Michael D'Urso. D'Urso wore a wire during a four-hour sitdown meeting with Longo at a cafe concerning Longo's influence at the Fulton Fish Market. Longo also indicated that he planned on meeting with Persico upon his release from prison regarding money owed to the Genovese family by the Colombos for crimes committed at the Market.

During one taped conversation, Longo made the following observation about the Genovese Family:

"Don't let anyone tell you we're dead," Longo said. "We're not. Because Vito Genovese ain't here no more, Vincent Gigante is. We're here."

Longo was convicted and sentenced to 11 years in federal prison. Longo was released from federal Correctional Institution (FCI) Williamsburg in Salters, South Carolina on November 24, 2010.

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