Antonio Rico Giuseppe Giordano (June 2, 1914 – August 29, 1980) was the boss of the St. Louis crime family.

Anthony Giordano was born June 2, 1914 in the town of St. Louis, Missouri. By one of his predecessors, Anthony Lopiparo, Giordano's power rose, along with Frank Coppola and Ralph Caleca. He also was friendly with John Vitale and, after he retired in 1960, Girodano became boss. Giordano was suffering from cancer when he was sent to prison in the mid-1970s. He fought it off until August 29, 1980, when he died in his bed at the age of 67 at his South St. Louis home.

Giordano strengthened the families ties to the Licavoli Mob. He was uncle to Mikey Trupiano, who would later become boss. Giordano was also a cousin to the Licavolis.He was an Uncle to St Louis Crime family Capo James Giammanco.He also has a son Anthony Giordano Jr. who is the underboss in the Houston Crime Family.


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