Anthony Santorelli (born 1946) is a suspected Caporegime in the Lucchese crime family operating in Westchester and Bronx. Santorelli is a member of the Lucchese Bronx Faction. In the 1990s, Santorelli led the Lucchese recruitment gang, The Tanglewood Boys in Yonkers, New York, named after the Tanglewood Shopping Center, where members of the gang frequently operated. His son Alfred "Freddy Boy" Santorelli was a member of the gang. They began to rise in the public eye in the 1990s as a "farm team" or recruitment gang for the Mafia, specifically the Lucchese crime family. Several members went on to other crime families as well, and they were usually the sons of made members.

In 1994, Santorelli was observed by an FBI agent, dumping something into a garbage can, which turned out to be clothes covered in blood. A DNA check on the blood led to members of the gang being arrested for murdering college student Louis Balancio at a Yonkers sports bar. After the arrests, one member, Darin Mazzarella, became an informant, leading to the convictions of other members of the gang.

In December 2003, his older brother Leonard Santorelli, the owner of CMS, a company that prints and distributes bank reports and documents was under investigation by law enforcement agency's in London and New York for allegedly bribing merchant banks to win contracts.

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