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Anthony Urso

Anthony "Tony Green Urso (born 1936 East Meadow, New York) is a New York mobster and former capo in the Bonanno crime family. He was the acting boss of the Bonanno's for Joseph Massino from 2003 until 2004.


Anthony Urso was born in 1936 in East Meadow, New York. Not much is known about his early life apart from he was dyslexic and couldn't read or write. He moved to New York City and joined the Bonanno crime family presumably in his 20's. In the 1970's Urso was one of the many made men in the crew of Capo Dominick Napolitano, when Napolitano was murdered in 1983 he joined the crew of Joseph Massino becoming one of his closest allies and served as a driver for Massino. He was identified as a Capo in the Bonanno crime family in 1988 by the US Senate.

In the 1990's Underboss Salvatore Vitale was jealous of Urso's new power in Bonanno crime family and tried to have him whacked by bringing false accusations against Urso, Massino never doubted Urso's loyalty. Urso was involved in one murder in may 1990. Vitale wanted to take over the gambling business of Anthony Tomasulo Jr. the son of Bonanno made man Antonio Tomasulo, he refused to give in to Vitale so he had Urso drive to an ambush location with Tomasulo following in his car, when Tomasulo arrived he was murdered by several gunmen.

In 2003 Urso was named acting boss of the Bonanno crime family just before Boss Joseph Massino decided to turn informant. In 2004 as a result of recorded evidence of Urso's meetings with his crew from Informant James "Big Lou" Tartaglione, Anthony Urso was indicted on racketeering, murder, gambling, loan sharking and extortion charges. In February 2005 plead guilty to all charges and sentenced to 17 years in a federal prison despite the dictated letter he gave to the judge pleading leniency.

Urso is currently serving his prison sentence in Elkton,Ohio, his projected release date is December 5, 2021

People Murdered by Anthony Urso

Order: No.Name/Rank/Affiliation/When/Involvement/Reason

1.Antonio Tomasulo Jr./Soldier/Bonanno Crime Family/May 1990/Personal/ Urso was ordered by Salvatore Vitale to escort Tomasulo to a place where he would be killed by gunmen. Vitale had Tomasulo Jr. murdered to take over the gambling racket controlled by Tomasulo Jr.