Carlo Tino Piranio (1890-1930) was the first boss of the Dallas crime family.

Early Life

Carlo Piranio was born in Corleone on 1876. Piranio was born in the same hometown as early New York Mafia boss Giuseppe Morello. Carlo and his younger brother Joseph Piranio immigrated over to America on 1901, They shortly settled in at Shreveport, Louisiana.

Dallas crime

Piranio shortly started his own crime family based in Dallas, Joseph served as his Underboss. Piranio hired thugs to work for his family and invited his friends and cousins from Italy to serve in the family. Piranio got involved in Counterfeiting and Bank robberys. Piranio soon became the ruler of Dallas.

Marriage and Son

Piranio married Clementia Piranio an Italian eighteen-year old on 1903. A year later they had a son named Angelo Piranio.


Piranio died of "Natural causes".

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