Genovese Capos past and present.

(year made capo or status change)

Costello Era 1946-1957

Vito Genovese (1946 promoted to boss), Michael Coppola (1930's), Vincent Alo (1953), Michele Miranda (1940's promoted to consigliere), Richard Boiardo (1920's),

Genovese Era 1957-1969

Harlem,Manhattan Michael Coppola (1930's died 1966), Philip Lombardo (1960's promoted to Boss), Anthony Salerno (1960's promoted to Consigliere) Lower Eastside, Manhattan Carmine Romano (1960's), Greenwich Village,Manhattan Anthony Strollo (murdered 1962), Thomas Eboli (1957 promoted to Street Boss), Vincent Gigante (1960's), Brooklyn Vincent Alo (1953), Bronx Anthony Carfano (murdered 1959), New Jersey Richard Boiardo (1920's),

Lombardo Era 1969-1981

Harlem,Manhattan Saverio Santora (late 1970's Promoted to Underboss), Lower Eastside,Manhattan Carmine Romano (1960's), Greewich Village,Manhattan Vincent Gigante (1960's Promoted to Boss), Mario Gigante (early 1970's), Little Italy,Manhattan Matthew Ianniello (early 1970's), Peter DeFeo (early 1970's), Brooklyn Vincent Alo (1953 Retired), Charles Tuzzo (late 1970's), Frank Illiano (1970's), Bronx Rudolph Santobello (late 1970's), New Jersey Richard Boiardo (1920's), Tino Fiumara (1970's), Lawrence Dentico (late 1960's),

Gigante Era 1981-2005

Harlem,Manhattan Liborio Bellomo (1982), Vincent DiNapoli (1980's), Lower Eastside,Manhattan Carmine Romano (1960's), Alphonse Malagone (1989), Rosario Gangi (early 1990's), Greenwich Village,Manhattan Mario Gigante (early 1970's), Dominick Canterino (1980's Died), Dominick Cirillo (1980's), Venero Mangano (1980's promoted to Underboss) Little Italy,Manhattan Matthew Ianniello (early 1970's), Peter DeFeo (early 1970's died), Brooklyn Frank Illiano (1970's), Anthony Antico (1980's), Federico Giovanelli (1980's), Charles Tuzzo (Late 1970's), Queens Anthony Federici (1980's), Bronx Rudolph Santobello (late 1970's), Daniel Pagano (1987), John Ardito (1980's), New Jersey Richard Boiardo (1920's Died 1984), Tino Fiumara (1970's), Daniel Leo (late 1980's), Lawrence Dentico (1980's promoted to Consigliere), Lawrence Ricci (1980's murdered 2005), John Barbato (1980's), Angelo Prisco (1988), Ludwig Bruschi (1990's),

Post Gigante Era 2005-present

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