The Gravano Crew was a group of gangsters within the Gambino Crime Family who were loyal to Salvatore Gravano, he took over the crew from Salvatore Auriello. the crew was made up of Gravano‘s closest friends and after a while most of the people in the crew had a falling out with Gravano and he murdered them. the crew were involved in the construction business and were based in gravano's nightclubs and his dry wall business. John Gotti sometimes used them for contract killings.

☀As soon as Sammy The Bull Gravano was officially a Gambino family soldier, he was authorized to have associates, as he had been for Toddo Aurello.

The people in the crew

Salvatore Gravano 1945- Capo and Leader

Joseph Paruta 1929-1984 (died of cancer) Hitman/Soldier.Aurello suggested that Sammy take Paruta.In his book Underboss Sammy said☀“I was real happy to hear this. Everybody called Joe the ‘Old Man.’He was only about fifteen years older than me, but he already had white hair and looked kind of decrepit. He was tough and loyal. Old Man Paruta would kill for me as quick as he would get me a cup of coffee. Over the years, there was nothing I couldn’t ask of him.”

Joe (Stymie) D’Angelo. “When I look back, those two guys—Stymie and the Old Man—were extra special. They never let me down.

Thomas “Huck” Carbonaro is a soldier who was apart of the Gravano crew serving a 70 year sentence he received in October 2003 after being convicted of the failed 1999 plot to try and kill Gravano for his cooperation with the government.

Edward "Cousin Eddie" Garafola Born 1939 is the brother in law of Sammy Gravano.”It’s my whining brother-in-law, Eddie Garafola, a whining motherfucker all my life, who puts the idea in my head. He’s caused me nothing but trouble with his devious ways, always looking for the angle. A couple of guys in my crew wanted to whack him. You can’t trust him, they said. Just the way he wanted me to walk away from that building project in Brooklyn we were going to take a bath on, that was Eddie, pure and simple. But he’s got a big edge with me. His wife is my sister and I ain’t ever going to hurther, even though he’s treating her like shit. “So now he comes in for avisit, whining one more time with that crying voice, ‘Sammy, you’re gonna go down on this case.’ He is currently imprisoned aged 80 years old

Louis Vallario 1942- Sammy described Louie in Underboss “ He was super loyal and solid. He handled my appointments and kept me straight about what had to be done.After Old Man Paruta died and Joe Stymie “Louie said, ‘I know what you’re feeling. I can’t fill Stymie’s shoes, or Paruta’s. I wouldn’t even try. But I promise I’ll be there for you.Louie became the Capo of the crew after Sammy Gravano became the Consigliere of the family.Louis Vallario is currently out of prison.

Louis Milito Unknown-1988 (murdered on the orders of John Gotti) Sammy said this about Louie in his New York Times best selling book Underboss “Louie Milito was a friend of mine, ‘A friend of ours,’ but there came a time when Louie, who had helped me in a few hits, had to be hit himself. ☀ “Even though the hit had to happen, I was really bothered by it. I liked Louie, and I loved his kids. John Gotti sensed that I was fucked-up over this hit. But he said, ‘This guy wasn’t our friend. This was bestfor the family.’ “Louie wasn’t no innocent. He was a made guy and a killer. He knew the rules, and he went against them. He had played a very dangerous game—and he lost

Louis Saccente was Sammy’s driver

Nicholas Mormando 1938-1986 (murdered because he got DeBatt addicted to drugs) Associate. Nicholas Mormando had become hooked on crack cocaine and cocaine. Sammy Gravano suspected that Mormando also got his friend Michael DeBatt hooked on the potent narcotic. Sammy later said this about Nicky ☀ He became like a renegade. He went berserk. He didn't want to be in the crew no more. He was going to start his own little gang. I couldn't take a chance on him running around. He knew too much. So I got permission from John (John Gotti) to kill him. We finally got Nicky to come by Tali's, and he went with Huck (Thomas Carbonaro) to pick up Old Man (Joseph Paruta), who was still alive then. Joe got in the backseat and shot Nicky twice in the back of the head.

Michael DeBatt 1949-1987 (murdered because he was addicted to drugs) Associate. Sammy said this about DeBatt ☀ I lost control of him. I tried to talk to him, but he's too far gone. He ain't listening. And he's done work (murder) with us and our family. He was a good man, Mike, until this. Not only did I like him, I went back with his father, who was originally with me. Remember, when the father died, I took the kid under my wing. I know the mother, the wife. These people came to my farm in Jersey. They came to my house. They came to my parties. This just tore my fucking insides out. Afterwards, I stayed with them, helped them. But there's nothing I can do about Mike. This was the life. I got John (Gotti)'s permission. Mike worked the bar at Tali's. I decided he would be killed in Tali's and to leave him there to make it seem to the cops that the murder was because of a robbery.

Frankie Fappiano was a member who later became a government witness

Joesph ”Little Joey“ D’Angelo was the son of Joe Stymie.He later became a government witness

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