The Trapani crime family were founded by Aldo Trapani in New York on 1955. The Trapani's expanded in Cuba and Florida.

Aldo's Story

Aldo Trapani the most feared mobster in the whole of the U.S started his crime work with the Corleone crime family. Aldo went through the ranks easily, the time came when he made his own family on 1955. Aldo only lived to see his family expand as far as Cuba.

Dominic's Story

After his brother were shot and killed by a guard hired by Hyman Roth then Dominic had a shot at running the family. Aldo's death was the worse for the family, All the rackets were divided and all familys went to war with each other fighting among the territorys in New York. The Familys power went down 50% and the money went down 50%. Dominic started taking back the rackets and killing the key players in other families. After Dominic took back New York, He decided to expand in Florida. Dominic hired most of his new crew in Florida and made the most money in Florida. Dominic took over Nightclubs, Construction sites, Casinos, Prostitution and favours for the people. Dominic started to hack into Cuba again which Aldo failed to take. Dominic also had to do favours for Politicians and powerful people on the street, Dominic usually spent over 100,000 dollars bribing the Cuban Police.

Aldo's regime

Overall: 5

Dominic's regime

Overall : 30

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