Charles "Charlie Murgie" Imburgia (1908-2002) was the Caporegime of Trumbull County, Warren, Ohio and later Consigliere in the Pittsburgh crime family.


Charlie Imburgia

Charlie Imburgia was born in Allegheny County, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1908. He was the brother of Imburgias Ben, Mike, Joe, Tom, Frank, James and Tony, as well as first-cousin to Philip Imburgia and second-cousin to Anthony Imburgia, who is often confused as his nephew. Anthony Imburgia owned Verona Auto Sales (LA Motors) and did business with the Genovese crime family.

Not many details are known about Charlie's duration within the LaRocca crime family, as a result of him staying strictly behind the scenes. Some time in the 1940s, Charlie fell in with the local Pittsburgh family and by 1963 became an influential Captain in Trumbull County, apart of the Youngstown-Warren-Boardman area.

By 1985, Charlie Imburgia stepped up as Consigliere with numbers racketeer Joe Perfette gracefully taking his position as chief over Warren. Though not entirely active by the late 80's, Imburgia continued his reign as Consigliere and was called upon to mediate.


Charlie Imburgia was well-connected with mafiosi throughout the United States and was never convicted. He died in 2002 of natural causes at the age of 92.

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