Groups or Gangs or Crews In NYC


List Of Crews In New York

20th Ave.

race: mostly white. alias: 2a, A.B., 20th ave., AA founders: unknown Rivals: latin kings

history: unknown

36 Mob

colors: white and black Rivals: latin kings, Ñetas, wolfpack, Founder: Boo Current leader: Boo

history: a bunch of kids and teens, which hung out on 36 street and 13th ave. formers the 36 mob for a reason to graffitti and fight.


colors: red, black, and green race: mostly black (but other races have been known to have membership like latinos, asians, white and arab). Symbols: 5 point star, the letter b, blood drops, dogs(mainly pitbull) allias: damu, blood gang, u.b.n., united blood nation, eastcaost blood Rivals: latin kings, crips, Ñetas founder: o.g. mack current leader: unknown

Cojones Squad

Colors: pink, black and white Race: mostly hispanic but all races are accepted Symbols: the letter c with their hands allias: c-squad Rivals: Latin kings, Ñetas founder: Cojones current leader: Baby Cojones

history: This group was made at first to be a crew among members of the Ñetas. Later do the dividing of the Ñetas this group was split up. Members with in the Ñetas became latin kings and bloods (some members of the Ñetas stayed as Ñetas). All still claiming to be members of C-squad as a crew and nothing more. After Cojones and Baby Cojones got striped from being members of the latin kings. Cojones left his authority over C-squad to his younger brother Baby Cojones. Baby Cojones revised the C-squad into being a gang more than a crew and declared war with the latin kings. In this beef the latin kings claimed the C-squad to be pus** . In response the C-squad declared the color pink to be their color because it is the color of a pus**.

C-squad had made an alliance with a chapter of Ñetas the turned on them. Currently C-squad has established some chapters in Brooklyn , New York. Cojones currently a members of the bloods. 

FACT: Cojones and Baby Cojones was originally a member of the Zulu Nation before he became a Neta.

La Familia

Colors: red, blue and white

Race: Latino

Symbols: 5 point, puerto rican flag

Allias: A.D.F., A.D.L.F., Amor de la familia, Amor de familia

Rivals: Unknown

Founder: Unknown

Current leader: Unknown

Other Crews

Bath Ave Crew.

South Brooklyn Boys

West Street Crew

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