Canlichio (Right) standing with Geogre Borgesi (left).

Damion “Dame” Canalichio (Born 1970) is a soldier in the Philadelphia Crime Family.


Canalichio had a reputation on the street for being a very violent person. He was an enforcer for the Philly mob and was considered the muscle behind many of its operations. Canalichio has spent most of his adult life earning money illegally and, in most cases, for or with the mob.

Criminal Career

Canalichio had carved out a reputation on the streets as a violent enforcer in gambling and loan sharking operations for the Philly mob.

In May 2011, Canalichio and eleven other members of the Philly mob including acting boss Joseph Ligambi (Uncle Joe), underboss Joseph Massimino (Mousie), capos Anthony Staino (Ant), George Borgesi, and Joseph Licata (Scoops), and mob associate Gary Battaglini were indicted on various charges.

At the time of his indictment, he had been in jail since 2007 finishing a 58-month term for drug dealing.

On July 16,2013 Canalichio was sentenced to 137 months in prison for his participation in a racketeering conspiracy involving loan sharking and illegal gambling.

Canalichio also remains a suspect in at least one unsolved gangland murder.


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