Epifano "Fano" Trafficante

Epifano "Fano" Trafficante (January 5, 1919 - December 26,1991) was an associate of the Trafficante crime family. He was the son of Santo Sr. and younger brother of Santo Trafficante, Jr.


Epifano was the only member of the Trafficante family amongst his brothers to not be formally inducted into the mafia. He was considered by law enforcement to be an associate of the Tampa crime family. He operated illegal gambling operations and his legitimate occupation was that of lounge owner- he owned and operated the Tangerine and Nebraska bars.

Fano's rap sheet dated back to 1954 and included arrests for failing to assist police when questioned about an alleged shooting at his bar, the Nebraska, morals charges, promoting prostitution and passing a worthless check.

He died of natural causes in 1991.

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