Felix J. Bocchino (October 6, 1918 - January 29, 1992) also known as "Tom Mix" and "Little Felix" was a soldier in the Philadelphia crime family. He was a known operator in illegal gambling and drug dealing.

In 1973, he and Anthony Ferrante were involved in a systematic betting scheme at the Garden State Racetrack in New Jersey with other known illegal bookmakers such as Albert Pontani, Dominic Iavarone and Salvatore Sparacio.

On April 23, 1976 the FBI raided one of the largest crap games on the east coast and identified Bocchino as one of its controllers on behalf of the Bruno crime family.

According to Philip Leonetti, Bocchino and Tony Ferrante reportedly transported the shotgun used in the 1980 Angelo Bruno murder from Newark, New Jersey to Front Street, Philadelphia. In January 1981, he was subpoenaed before a grand jury in Philadelphia to give testimony about the murder. He was also questioned about the murders of his close associates Anthony Caponigro and Frank Sindone. Other criminal associates of his included: Charles Warrington, Anthony Gregorio, John Grande (grandfather of "Baby Dom" Grande) and Carl Ippolito (grandfather of Joseph Ippolito, a Mafia-connected narcotics trafficker).

Bocchino was convicted in federal court in 1983 of failing to file income tax returns and served about two years in prison. At his sentencing, affidavits from the FBI and Drug Enforcement Administration were introduced identifying him as an associate of the mob. A New Jersey state police investigator also identified Bocchino as a member in testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Bocchino underwent a ceremony to become a formal member under Scarfo in 1982.

Shortly before 8 a.m. on January 29, 1992, Bocchino was murdered. He was shot 3 times in the neck and head behind the wheel of his 1977 Buick in the 1200 block of Mifflin Street, less than a block from his home on East Passyunk Avenue. At the time of the murder he had allegedly been promoted to captain and was reportedly in line to serve as John Stanfa's underboss. Windows on the passenger and driver’s side were shattered. His body was slumped toward the passenger seat.

He was known to have been involved, going way back, in gambling, but prior to his death he was known and identified as a drug trafficker. And also collected street tax from other drug dealers. An affidavit from the DEA agent at his sentencing in 1983 said that Bocchino had met a heroin dealer at Philadelphia airport.

The Philadelphia Inquirer described him as "the friendly old man who could be seen each day walking his dog around his south Philadelphia neighborhood, leaving his apartment at precisely the same time, getting a newspaper and then crossing East Passyunk Avenue for a cup of coffee."

Police stated at the time of the killing that he was shot by a heavy-set man in a dark windbreaker who fled on foot. He was allegedly murdered by Michael Ciancaglini and Steven Mazzone.

Within months of being given his promotion to captain, Bocchino’s authority was being challenged by Joey Merlino and Mikey Chang’s crew of budding wiseguys who began squeezing area bookmakers and loan sharks for extortion money.

Bocchino reported the situation to Stanfa, through Tony Piccolo, the former Boss of the family that had been reassigned as Stanfa’s Consigliere. Stanfa sent Joey Chang to tell his brother and his friends to back-off. Instead, Merlino and Mikey Chang are alleged to have arranged for Little Felix to be murdered.

At 6-foot-2 inches tall and barrel chested. Ciancaglini also meets the description of the shooter. It's unclear however if he pulled the trigger himself. Nevertheless, he too was shot in an attempted assassination just a few weeks later. Apparently by his own brother.

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