Frank "The Cheeseman" Cucchiara (March 29, 1895 - January 23, 1976) also known as "Frank the spoon", was a longtime member and consigliere of the Patriarca crime family.


Cucchiara was born in Salemi, Sicily and became a naturalized American citizen in 1931. When boss Philip Buccola and Boston consigliere Giuseppe Lombardo left the New England rackets, a new boss was needed and Raymond L.S. Patriarca filled the void. Patriarca chose Frank "The Cheeseman" Cucchiara as his consigliere or counselor for his crime family. Cucchiara earned got the nickname "Cheeseman" because he owned the Purity Cheese company in Endicott, Boston. There is little known about Cucchiara besides the fact that he fast rising capo in the state of Massachusetts. He was once arrested for suspicion of murder, possession of morphine and dynamite. He was known to hide his illegal activities or launder his money through the disguise as a cheese importer.

Cucchiara attended the 1957 Appalachian Mafia conference representing the New England area mafia. He reportedly ran gambling operations in Boston's North End and financed narcotics transactions. In his younger days he was said to be a close associate of Lucky Luciano and Vito Genovese of New York City.

In January of 1976, Cucchiara, then seventy-nine, and his sixty-nine-year-old wife were found dead of gunshot wounds in their Belmont, MA, apartment. Cucchiara's wound appeared to be self-inflicted.

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