Francesco Gotti (1967-March 18,1980) was the son of John Gotti.

On March 18, 1980, 12-year-old Frank Gotti, the youngest son of John Gotti, darted into the street on a motorized minibike from behind a Dumpster where he was struck by John Favara's car and killed. Favara, 51, who lived a block behind the Gotti family, worked as a service department manager for a furniture store, Castro Convertibles in New Hyde Park, New York. He had been on his way home from work. His adopted son, Scott, was a friend of the Gotti children and had been their guest for sleepovers. He was a close childhood friend of the son of Gambino crime family caporegime Ettore Zappi, himself a distant cousin of crime family patriarch Carlo Gambino. While Ettore pursued a life in organized crime, Favara remained in the legitimate world, but the two remained close.

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