Frank A. Imbruglia, East Boston. Associate of Robert Carozza, in a crew of below-average mobsters. His brush with media infamy came in June 1989 when Cadillac Frank Salemme, then the boss of the Patriarca crime family, was shot and wounded outside the IHOP in Saugus. A few hours later, when Imbruglia was stopped by police, they found in his possession a slip of paper upon which was written the license number of a rental car used in the assassination attempt. Imbruglia was labeled a “suspect” in the newspapers, but never arrested, except for alleged narcotics possession, a series of thefts in Florida and failure to pay $120 in outstanding parking tickets in Boston. The district attorney asked that bail be set at $500,000, but the judge, a former state rep, reduced it to $75,000. Imbruglia was never formally charged in the Salemme shooting.

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