Frank Narducci

Frank "Chickie" Narducci, Sr. was a Capo in the Philadelphia Crime Family. He was responsible for the death of Don Philip Testa, he conspired with underboss Peter Casella and Rocco Marinucci to blow him up with a nail bomb. Narducci himself was murdered in 1982 in front of his home as he was exiting his car.


Narducci was born in Philadelphia in 1933 to Italian immigrants. Narducci became a soldier and driver for the Bruno crime family when he was young. After the death of Don Angelo Bruno at the hands of consigliere Antonio Caponigro, Peter Casella became the underboss of the family. However Narducci among others, believed Testa to be a mindless brute and a weak leader of the family. Narducci and Casella rebelled against him, placing a nail bomb under his house on March 15, 1981, killing him.

Casella, however, did not become don as he had hoped. Instead, a crueler boss, Nicodemo Scarfo, took over the family. The Philadelphia War that lasted from 1981 to 1985 would result in 30 mobsters dying.

Narducci crime scene

In 1982, shortly after arriving at his home and parking his late model Cadillac, Narducci was shot and killed. He was allegedly murdered by Salvatore Testa, son of the late don.

His son Frank Narducci Jr. later became a soldier in the Scarfo crime family.

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