Francesco "Frank" Todaro (born 1889- died November 29, 1944) was the underboss and one time Acting boss of the New Orleans crime family.


Todaro was born in the area of San Cipirello, Province of Palermo, Sicily. Todaro along with brothers Carlos "Charlie", Giuseppe "Joe", and Salvatore "Sam" immigrated to the United States in 1907 and settled in New Orleans, La. Another brother, Angelo Todaro, remained in Sicily. Frank married to Nunzia "Nancy" Giammalva on July 14, 1914 in New Orleans and they had four children two sons, Joseph and Clement, and two daughters, Jacqueline and Josephine.

Todaro was allegedly the underboss of the New Orleans Mafia under Corrado Giacona and briefly served as head of the New Orleans family before his death in 1944. Future notorious crime boss Carlos Marcello was married to Todaro's niece Giacomina (Jackie), the daughter of his brother Joseph.

Frank Todaro died at his residence on S. Broad Street in New Orleans at 5:45 a.m. on Wednesday November 29, 1944 from complications related to throat cancer. He was about 55 years of age. His funeral was held on December 1, 1944, the wake was conducted at Lamano-Panno-Fallo Funeral Home, a Roman Catholic Requiem Mass was held at St. Mary's Church and he was interred at Metairie Cemetery

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