Gaeton Lucibello is a soldier in the Philadelphia crime family.


He is a former captain and reputed consigliere in the Philadelphia mob. He was sent to prison in 2012 on a racketeering conviction and released in February 2015. Prior to this he allegedly served as a chief advisor to acting boss Joseph Ligambi between 2004 and 2011, replacing the late Joseph Curro. Following his release from prison he was bumped down to the position of either capo or soldier (depending on the source).

According to Federal authorities during the reign of John Stanfa, Lucibello was a close associate of the boss but switched his allegiances to Joseph Merlino during their power struggle in the 1990s. He is also alleged to have been involved in a couple of murders, which he denies. After his move to the Merlino faction John Stanfa was recorded on an FBI wiretap saying that he wanted to shoot Lucibello in the back of the head, cut off his tongue, put it an envelope and mail it to his wife. He was eventually put on trial alongside Stanfa and several other defendants in the mid 1990s but was ultimately acquitted of the charges brought against him. During the trial he stood in his own defense and denied that he was involved in the mafia. He also received legal coaching from former Philadelphia district attorney Emmett Fitzpatrick. Despite being close to Joey Merlino in the late '90s he was not one of those indicted on racketeering charges at the turn of the century.

In early 2018 he was sentenced to 30 days in prison for a parole violation. Following his 2015 release he was put on supervised release with restrictions which were set to end that February but he was caught by local police meeting with fellow wiseguy Salvatore “Sonny” Mazzone the brother of Philly mafia leader Steven Mazzone, a direct violation of his parole conditions. During this time he was also heavily involved in the video poker industry. According to government witness Steven Carnivale in order to sell drugs in South Philadelphia and maintain an involvement in the video poker industry he was required to pay tribute to Lucibello. He also alleged that during a meeting with Lucibello one of his associates spoke about the 2002 murder of Raymond "Long John" Martorano, alleging that he was murdered for trying to muscle in on the video poker rackets run by the Philly mob.

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