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Gene Gotti
General Information:
Occupation: Mobster, Drug trafficker
Status: Released from prison in 2018
Date of birth: 1946
Born in: New York City, New York, U.S.
Spouse(s): Rosalie Gotti
Children: 3
Also related to: John Gotti (brother)
Richard V. Gotti (brother)
Peter Gotti (brother)
Vincent Gotti (brother)
John A. Gotti (nephew)
Victoria Gotti (niece)
Criminal record (If any):
Criminal Affliation(s): Gambino crime family
Charges: Drug trafficking (convicted 1989)
Criminal penalty: 50 years' imprisonment
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Eugene "Gene" Gotti (born 1946) is a New York mobster with the Gambino crime family who was a major drug trafficker.


Born to John and Fannie Gotti, Gene has four brothers: deceased Gambino crime family boss John Gotti, Gambino boss (2002-2011) Peter Gotti, capo Richard Gotti, and soldier Vincent Gotti. All the brothers grew up in East New York, Brooklyn and became involved with organized crime.[1] Gene has a wife Rosalie and three children and 8 grandchildren; his family home is in Valley Stream, New York.[1]

Around 1966, Gene became an associate with the Gambino family. In 1969, Gene was convicted of theft from an interstate shipment and was sent to federal prison for three months. In 1973, Gene was convicted in state court of illegal possession of a firearm and was sentenced to 18 months in state prison.[1]

Family rise

Gene became a made man in 1976, working with his brother John in his South Ozone Park crew.[2]

Gene Gotti carried out truck hijackings at Idlewild Airport (subsequently renamed John F. Kennedy International Airport) together with his brother John and friend Angelo "Quack Quack" Ruggerio.[3] In August 1983, Ruggiero and Gotti were arrested for dealing heroin, based primarily on recordings from a bug in Ruggiero's house.[4][5] Boss Paul Castellano, who had banned made men from his family from dealing drugs under threat of death, demanded transcripts of the tapes,[4][6] and, when Ruggiero refused, threatened to demote his brother John.[7]

For dealing heroin against mob rules, Castellano was allegedly planning to kill Gene and Ruggerio for it. However, in 1985, Gene's brother John Gotti, had arranged Castellano's assassination in December 1985, as he would then took over as boss of the Gambino family. In either 1985 or 1986, John appointed Gene as the replacement Capo for the South Ozone Park crew. According to testimony by Gambino underboss Sammy "The Bull" Gravano, Gene was involved several mob murders. He has never been charged with any of these murders.

On March 13, 1987, Gene Gotti and brother John, were acquitted on federal racketeering charges involving illegal gambling, murder and other charges.[8]

To his brother John's eternal fury, Gene was an amazingly skilled gambler. Gene loved tell John how he triumphed on a nine-to-one odds at the horse track while John would lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in one weekend betting football, horse racing, and college basketball. According to an inside joke at the Bergin Hunt and Fish Club, "John couldn't win a bet on the color of his own underwear."

On March 8, 1989, while on bail Gene Gotti took part in the murder of Gambino crime family member Liborio Milito. Milito was called to a meeting at Louis Vallario's bar to discuss the murder of a Gambino associate. Gene Gotti, John Carneglia, Louis Vallario and Arnold Squitieri were present at the meeting, as was Salvatore Gravano. at 7pm Milito walked into Vallario's bar Gene Gotti, Arnold Squitieri and Salvatore Gravano were playing a card game at the table. John Carneglia was watching TV on the couch and Louis Vallario was behind the bar. Milito asked Vallario for some coffee and While Milito was drinking some espresso, Carneglia got up from the couch and came up behind Milito with a .380 calibre handgun w/silencer. He fired a bullet into the back of Louie Milito's head. Milito fell off his barstool and lay faceup on the floor, Carneglia bent over him and shot him under his chin. Milito's death was similar to the murder of Capo Robert DiBernardo as they both asked for coffee and were shot in the head. Milito's body was loaded into a car by Carneglia and Squitieri they drove off and dumped the body it has never been found.


On May 24, 1989, after two mistrials, Gene was convicted of running a multi-million dollar heroin smuggling ring. The first mistrial was for jury tampering and the second was a hung jury. Two jurors were dismissed from the third trial, including an alternate who said he received a threatening visit from two men. On July 8, 1989, Gene was sentenced to 50 years in federal prison. After his sentencing, the Gambino family demoted Gene from capo to soldier because he was in prison.

Gene Gotti was imprisoned at the Federal Correctional Institution, Pollock, in Pollock, Louisiana, from 1989 to 2018.

Gene was released on September 14, 2018, when he was 71 years old, after serving 29 years of his sentence. He declined to leave prison before completing his entire sentence.

In popular culture

Gene Gotti is portrayed by actor Scott Cohen in the 1996 HBO television movie Gotti. He was played by actor Joseph Siravo in the 1998 made-for-TV film Witness to the Mob.


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