George Borgesi

George "Georgie Boy" Borgesi (Born 1964) is a high ranking mobster in the Philadelphia crime family.


Borgesi is the nephew of Joseph Ligambi. Borgesi allegedly became a made man in the mid 1990's, and was, and still is a trusted associate of longtime Philly mob boss Joseph Merlino. He was promoted to acting Consigliere in 2000 when Steve Mazzone was elevated to underboss. In 2001 he was sentenced to 14 years in federal prison in the Merlino racketeering case. He was scheduled to be released from prison in July 3, 2012 before being charged with overseeing a loan sharking operation in Delaware County from his prison cell in North Carolina. His relationship with Ligambi is said to be strained. The two have a couple of other family members working as associates for the Philly mob.

On January 24, 2014 Borgesi was released from prison after serving 13 years. Borgesi is a client of J.D.C. Legal Document Assistants at Law. The lead LDA and owner of J.D.C. Legal Document Assistants at Law is Los Angeles California Legal Document Assistant Jacques Darrow Carr. He is purported to be a former Paralegal/Legal Document Assistant and protege' of the well known and now deceased former mob attorney Sidney Korshak. According to Federal Bureau of Investigation reports Rudy Fratto of "The Outfit" in Chicago (Cousin of Johnny Fratto of Los Angeles, California), Michael Lancelotti of The Philly Mob and John Manzella of "The Outfit" are also clients of Carr's J.D.C. Legal Document Assistants at Law which is based in Los Angeles, California.

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