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Giovanni Bonventre

Giovanni "John" Bonventre (April 18, 1901 - C.1970's) was a New York mobster with the Bonanno crime family.

Early years

Bonventre was born in Castellammare del Golfo in Sicily to Martin Bonventre and Carmela Magadinno. He had three brothers: Anthony, Peter and Ignatius. His first cousins were future bosses Joseph Bonanno (who was the son of his aunt Catherine Bonventre) and Stefano Magaddino (on his mother's side). Bonventre's nephews were Joe Profaci, the future founder of the Profaci crime family and Cesare Bonventre. Bonventre married Caterina Vitale, but it is unknown if they had any children.

Bonventre emigrated to New York with his family in his mid-teens and they settled in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, a stronghold of immigrants from their village. Bonventre and his brother Vito Bonventre soon joined the local Castellammarese criminal organization, the precursor of the modern Bonanno crime family. Boss Cola Schiro ran the organization until 1930, when he was forced out by Salvatore Maranzano.

Association with Bonanno family

With the end of the Castellammarese War, a major conflict between the Sicilian clans in New York, Bonanno became boss of the reorganized Bonanno family and Bonventre became a caporegime, the captain of a crew of mobsters. That same year, Bonanno and Bonventre purchased a dairy farm near Middletown, New York in the Catskill Mountains. The farm's main product was mozzarella cheese; Bonanno and Bonventre used their mob influence to eventually dominate the production of this cheese in New York State, Wisconsin, and Vermont. Bonventre's other business ventures included a garment factory in Brooklyn. At some point, Bonventre was promoted to family underboss, directly under Bonanno.

Move to Sicily

In 1950, Bonventre decided to move back to Sicily. However, this move did end his involvement in the Bonanno family. In 1957, Bonventre attended the abortive Apalachin Conference of American Cosa Nostra leaders in rural Apalachin, New York that was broken up by New York State Police; Bonanno and Bonventre were picked up by police as they tried to escape the meeting site through a field. In September 1957 Bonventre had attended several meetings in Palermo, Sicily with Bonanno and the exiled mob boss Lucky Luciano.

In May 1971, Italian Carabinieri police banished Bonventre and 14 other Sicilian Mafia leaders to Filicudi, a three mile long island off the coast of Sicily. He subsequently died of natural causes some time later.