Giuseppe "Joe" Gambino, along with his two brothers Rosario ("Sal") Gambino and Giovanni ("John") Gambino, is a member of U.S. Gambino crime family who immigrated from Sicily.


The three Gambino brothers are relatives of Carlo Gambino and Carlo's son Thomas Gambino. The Gambinos also were closely related to the Spatola, Inzerillo, and Di Maggio Mafia families in Sicily. All these families worked closely together to form a trans-Atlantic heroin smuggling operation:

"...the Gambino brothers are cousins of the Spatola brothers Rosario, Vincenzo and Antonio, their father, Salvatore, being brother to the Gambino's mother; that Giuseppe Inzerillo married Giuseppa Di Maggio-sister of Calogero, Giuseppe and Salvatore Di Maggio- while Calogero Di Maggio married Dominica Spatola, thus strengthening the kinship between these families."

New Jersey

The Gambino brothers eventually made their way to New Jersey. Although they entered the country illegally in 1962, they were granted permanent residency in 1966. The brothers later joined the Gambino crime family and were made members of the criminal organization in 1975 by Paul Castellano. Older brother Giovanni (who Americanized his name to John) was named a caporegime (captain) in the crime family and Rosario and Giuseppe (who Americanized his name to Joseph) were his top lieutenants. Together the brothers formed a crew known as the "Cherry Hill Gambinos", named after their city of operation, Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Despite an official ban on drug dealing by the American Mafia (a rule that was historically ignored), the Gambinos were heavily involved in international heroin trafficking out of Bensonhurst. The Cherry Hill Gambinos were the ultimate recipients of the heroin that was brought in by the Inzerillo-Gambino-Spatola-Di Maggio clan from Sicily. They smuggled an estimated US$600 million worth of heroin into the U.S. every year. A lot of this money was sent back to Italy to be invested in legitimate businesses. By 1982 the Inzerillo-Gambino-Spatola holdings in Palermo alone were estimated to be worth one billion US dollars.

In 1994 Giuseppe Gambino pleaded guilty alongside brother John Gambino and Lorenzo Mannino to charges of jury tampering, illegal gambling and loan sharking.[1] He was released in 2005.

Life after Release

In 2018, Giuseppe Gambino re-emerged in a profile by The Real Deal as a sponsor of a condominium project in Coney Island, Brooklyn.[2] In July 2019, Giuseppe's son Thomas Gambino was arrested in Sicily as part of Operation New Connection.[3]

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