Giuseppe Monti (1906-2000) was an associate to the St Louis Crime Family and the Licavoli Mob.

Monti During the 1970's.

Monti was born in Detroit, Michigan and started working for the Licavoli Mob at 16 by running a taveren for then boss Peter Licavoli. He had great management skills and about 10 years later he bought a club in St Louis and left the Licavoli Mob behind in Detroit he opened up his club and it instantantly became a mob hangout. Especially for Mafia soldier Frank Parrino who beat Monti up after he asked him to leave his club. About 20 years later Monti's Clubs had crashed and he was broke he decided to settle the grudge between him and Parrino. When Parrino and his wife were pulling away from a resturant Monti stopped the car and pulled out a revolver shooting Parrino 8 times in the head as his wife looked on. Two days later he turned himself in he got 50 years in prison and he died in a St Louis prison in 2000.

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