Ignazio Denaro

Ignazio "Natz" Denaro (born 1977) was the Underboss of the Philadelphia crime family from 1959 until his death in 1977.

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Choosing Sides

In the 1950's Antonio Pollina plotted to murder one of his rivals, Angelo Bruno, he viewed Bruno as a threat to his power and enlisted Denaro in his plot to murder him, but instead of murdering him, Denaro told Bruno about the plot and he traveled to New York to gain the approval and support of The Commission to take control of the Philly mob.

The Commission heard both sides. They decided to make Angelo Bruno the boss of Philadelphia crime family. Bruno declined to have Pollina murdered. Bruno kept Ignazio Denaro as his Underboss and he held that office from 1959 until 1970 when he died of natural causes.

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