Giacomo "Jack" LoCicero

Giacomo "Jack" LoCicero (born 1913- died 1988) was a high ranking mobster and last known consigliere of the Los Angeles crime family.


LoCicero was a former New York gangster. He entered the United States illegally in 1938 and was ordered deported but married an American citizen before the order could be carried out and managed to remain in the U.S. He moved to California in the mid-l950s and was inducted into the Los Angeles crime family during the 1960s by Nicolo Licata. LoCicero quickly gained the rank of capo in the Los Angeles mafia. He rose to prominence in the family under new boss Dominic Brooklier and was allegedly the getaway driver for hitman Tommy Ricciardi when Ricciardi whacked out mob rat Frank Bompensiero in a phone booth in San Diego in 1977 and shortly thereafter LoCicero replaced Bompensiero as the family Consigliere. In the following years, the FBI would identify LoCicero, as the No. 2 man in the family during the reign of mob boss Dominic Brooklier but who because of old age and poor health began to play a declining role in family affairs. He reportedly sponsored Anthony Fiato, known as "the animal" into the Los Angeles family.

When Jimmy "the weasel" Fratianno turned government witness he testified against mobsters from across the U.S. including those of his own family, among them Dominic Brooklier, Samuel Sciortino, Michael Rizzitello, Louis Tom Dragna and LoCicero in the denominated "PORNEX case", a racket in which LoCicero and others extorted pornographers in California. They were all given light sentences ranging from two to five years in 1981 for racketeering and extortion but were acquitted of conspiracy in the murder of Frank "The Bomp" Bompensiero.

LoCicero reportedly died of natural causes in 1988.

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