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Jack Parisi (March 19, 1899-December 27, 1982)was a gunman for the Murder Inc. in the 1930's.

Jack Parisi died on Monday night at his home. He had been described by the Pennsylvania Crime Commission and also by a U.S. Senate investigator as a gunman for the crime syndicate known as Murder Inc. in the 1930's

Mr. Parisi had been ill for several years and according to the Luzerne deputy corner, Andrew Piskel, Jack died of natural causes.

According to the crime commission, Mr. Parisi resided in Hazleton since the 1930's. The commission stated that he (Jack) was part of the Russell Bufalino crime family.

Mr. Parisi had the nickname of "Jack The Dandy". He owned the Irene Dress Company in Hazleton and according to the crime commission, a concern that he established along with Albert Anastasia, considered the head of Murder, Inc.

Mr. Parisi was also identified as production manager of the Nuremberg Dress Company in Schuykill County and manager of the Madison Dress Company in Hazleton by the same commission.

Gioacchino Parisi was born in Calabria, Italy and emigrated to the United States in 1920. He was 83 year old at the time of his death.

Mr Parisi had a single narcotics conviction on his record for which he served almost six years in Federal prison at Alanta, Ga. and Leavenworth, Kansas.

Senator Herbert O'Conner, in 1951,when speaking to a Senate Crime Invedstigating Committee hearing in Washington, described Mr. Parisi as a "triggerman" for Murder, Inc.He was also described that way again in the Pennsylvania Crime Commission report in 1980.

Jack Parisi was an Organized Crime Figure. He was a member of the 1930's murder-for-hire gang made up of low-level Jewish and Italian gangsters working out of Brooklin,New York City, New York that became known in the news media as "Murder Inc". The gang carried out gangland murders in the New York City area under the direction of Lepke Buchalter and Albert Anastasia. Parisi was a close associate of Anastasia and his personal body guard. He was accused of several murders but was never convicted because of the lack of evidence.