Jacob "Firetop" Sulkin (born May 9, 1890-1973) was Political fixer and associate of the Detroit Partnership.


Sulkin was a native of Toledo, Ohio. Sulkin was flip, arrogant, ruthless, greedy and ambitious. He started out selling newspapers at 12 and by the age of 25 was known as Toledo's preeminent political fixer. Growing up around crime and vice gave young Jacob a fascination with the power of gangsters. This fascination led Jacob to seek out Thomas "Yonnie" Licavoli and offer political protection to his gang from the negative press and political pressure that they were getting in Detroit due to several high profile murders.

Once the Downriver Gang hit Toledo a star struck. Sulkin joined the Toledo underworld and became a soldier in the Licavoli army of killers, extortionists and bootleggers. Sulkin would pay dearly for his association with the Licavoli's when he was convicted for his part in the murder of Jackie Kennedy (a Toledo born Irish bootlegger). Jacob secured the weapons and fingered Kennedy to his executioners. These actions would lead to a sentence of death in 1934 that would be overturned on appeal and be reinstated as a life sentence in an Ohio prison. Sulkin served 30 years of his sentence before being paroled on his 75th birthday (May 9,1965). While in prison Sulkin received a weekly penchant from the gang but when he returned to the streets recent crackdowns on gambling and other crimes as well as strict parole provisions made it impossible for Sulkin to resume his role in the rackets and his old political avenues were long gone.

Sulkin would die seven years later in a mental institution at the age of 82. Once a favored son of Toledo, Jacob Sulkin was viewed as a traitor for unleashing the violent Licavoli's on his hometown and it's citizens.

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