James "Jimmy Mac" McElroy

James "Jimmy Mac" McElroy (1945- May 2011) was an Irish American mobster and racketeer from Manhattan, New York who was an enforcer for The Westies, a criminal organization that operated out of Hell's Kitchen.


Jimmy McElroy was born in 1945 in the Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan area of New York City. He rose through the ranks of a group known for counterfeiting, extortion and murder during the 70's and 80's.

A former boxer turned drug dealer, McElroy was known for being the driver of the infamous "meat wagon" (a large van used by the mob to transport dismembered body parts). Under control of Jimmy Coonan he became the third highest-ranking member of the Westies during that time.

In 1990 he testified against John Gotti to get a reduction in his racketeering charges, stating that he acted on orders from the Gambino Boss when assaulting a Carpenter's Union official three blocks down from the Hudson River piers. Gotti was acquitted on all charges and McElroy spent the rest of his life in prison.


In May 2011 McElroy died in federal custody, his body was transferred to New York where a funeral procession was held at The Church of the Holy Cross in the renamed Clinton neighborhood. The same place he and the Westies gained their reputation.

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