Jimmy Miraglia and Billy McCarthy

Jimmy Miraglia and Billy McCarthy (died 1962) were two mob associates of the Chicago Outfit who were killed in the infamous "M&M murders" in 1962 by notorious Chicago Outfit hitman Anthony J. Spilotro.


McCarthy and Miraglia were part of Frank Cullotta's burglary crew in Chicago. The pair had made the mistake of killing the Outfit-connected Scalvo brothers without permission. They compounded that sin by carrying out the hits in mobster-inhabited territory and killing an innocent person in the process. The Outfit bosses were outraged and wanted the perpetrators identified and killed. Whoever handled the job would certainly endear himself to the bosses.

Tony Spilotro, who had been toiling as an enforcer for depraved loanshark "Mad Sam" Sam DeStefano, saw this as a chance to make his bones with the Outfit and attain his goal of becoming a "made man." Tony's sources told him that the Scalvos had roughed McCarthy up on a couple of occasions, and that he and his buddy Miraglia were more than likely responsible for the killings. It was speculated that their crew chief, Frank Cullotta, may have also been in on the hits.

Spilotro called on Cullotta, his friend since they met as shoe shiners on the streets of the Windy City. He explained that while he didn't think Frank had taken part in the murders, some people did. Frank could either prove himself by setting up McCarthy, or die along with his pals.

With no good options, Frank lured McCarthy to a meeting where the Irishman was captured by Spilotro. Before Tony killed McCarthy, he wanted him to confirm the name of his accomplice. McCarthy's refusal to cooperate resulted in three days of beatings, ice pick stabbings, and finally his head being put in a vise and squeezed until one of his eyes popped out of the socket. After losing his eye, McCarthy provided Miraglia's name and then begged Tony to kill him. It was a request that Tony promptly honored. A few days later Miraglia was disposed of, and his body joined McCarthy's in the trunk of an abandoned car.

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