Joseph Sica

Joseph Sica (1908 - July, 1991) was a high ranking member of the Pittsburgh crime family who controlled rackets in Penn Hills, he retired in the 1980s and died in 1991.


Sica reportedly controlled the Pittsburgh families interests in Penn Hills, Wilmerding and Turtle Creek. He was involved in gambling, prostitution, loansharking and bookmaking. Sica was a shareholder in a motel with a Pennsylvania Governors patronage chief, he also owned Valley beer distributing co., Versailles amusement Corp., which operated amusement parks, J&L cigarette service and the Tri-boro vending machine company.

He worked closely with Pittsburgh family soldier Louis Raucci and helped control labor union Local 211 through it's president Theodore R. Cozza. In 1969, he was prosecuted for conspiracy in connection with kickback scheme on a mortgage loan from a Teamsters union pension fund. In 1975, Sica was convicted of extortion and served 11 months of a 5 year sentence, becoming one of the first high ranking members of the Pittsburgh crime family to ever successfully be prosecuted. He was reportedly semi-retired during the 1980s, passing much of the control over his rackets to family soldier Louis Raucci. In 1990, Sica was identified by the Pennsylvania Crime Commission as the consigliere of the LaRocca crime family. He died of natural causes in July, 1991.

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