John Calandra

John Calandra (died March 3, 1992) was a mobster in the Cleveland crime family and was a close confidant of James T. Licavoli, and was also the Cleveland families front-man in legitimate business.


It was speculated that Calandra was a member of the Cleveland mob although it is more widely believed that he was just a high ranking associate and never officially made a member of La Cosa Nostra. Whatever his official status in the Cleveland family, he acted as a lieutenant to his close friend and associate James Licavoli in Cleveland's East side rackets. Calandra was one of many mobsters who took part in the planning of the murder of Irish mob Boss Danny Greene, he met many times with Los Angeles hitman Ray Ferritto and conspired with him to kill Greene.

Calandra was an unlikely figure to be involved in the mob's war with Greene and John Nardi. Sixty years old and still working at his Collinwood tool and die shop, he was in poor health as was the small white poodle that he would often be seen toting around affectionately. Apparently, Calandra's close friendship with Licavoli was the basis for his involvement. Calandra was tried and found guilty of conspiracy to murder and racketeering along with Licavoli, Anthony Liberatore and Angelo Lonardo. He died of natural causes in 1992.

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