John "Johnny Burns" Morales

John Morales, born in Castellammare del Golfo, Sicily, was a New York City Bonanno crime family underboss and relative by marriage to Bonanno Don Joe Bonnano. He was also known as "Johnny Burns".


John Morales was related to Bonanno crime family founder Joseph Bonanno through marriage. Bonanno's right-hand man, Carmine Galante, was the official Bonanno crime family underboss from 1956 to 1962. Morales was the de facto underboss and was more trusted by Bonanno.

John Morales also served as underboss to future Bonanno boss Frank Labruzzo for a brief period and later was "acting boss". John Morales was the family member who appointed Joseph Bonanno's son, Salvatore Bonanno, as consigliere to the family. Morales is credited as being part of Frank Labruzzo's loyal faction during the turmoil in the organisation in 1965. The Commission, a Mafia governing body, temporarily took charge of the situation by forcing Frank Labruzzo to resign as leader of the Bonanno crime family. John Morales and Salvatore Bonanno were removed from the family completely. John Morales was replaced by Paul Sciacca.

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