Johnny Ross Patrono (January 25, 1925- August 29, 1976) was a bookmaker and alleged capo in the Dallas crime family.


Patrono was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. In the 1940s, he allegedly became a member of the Dallas crime family of the American Mafia under boss Joseph T. Piranio, his father Ralph Patrono had also allegedly been a soldier in the Dallas mafia. Patrono operated primarily as a bookmaker and gambler, he frequented the Vegas Club with Lewis McWillie, a prominent Dallas Mafia associate and was the owner of the Sportman's Club (which was later shotgunned and destroyed in an early morning explosion for unknown reasons) and Vice-President of the Wsle. meat business, his father had been a well connected operator of the wholesale meat market in Dallas. Patrono was also legitimately employed as a greeter at the Italian restaurant of Joseph Ianni where it is said he took bets in a massive bookmaking operation under the Dallas mobs control. Johhny Ross was a close associate of fellow Dallas mobsters Joseph Campisi and Jack Ruby. Patrono was identified in the Warren Commission investigating the Lee Harvey Oswald and JFK assassinations only as "Johnny Ross" to conceal Ruby's association with the Dallas mafia.

Patrono remained active in the Dallas family until his death of natural causes in Baylor Hospital in 1976.

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