Joey Cantalupo with his father Anthony

Joseph "Joey" Cantalupo was an American Mafia associate of the Colombo crime family and later government informant.


Cantalupo worked in his father Anthony Cantalupo's realty business "Cantalupo Realty", it was here that he became acquainted with many of his fathers friends and associates who were members of the New York mob. Boss Joseph Colombo used the offices of Cantalupo realty as his headquarters for a time, and there he would meet with his criminal associates to discuss business until law enforcement surveillance and harassment forced him to find another headquarter.

Cantalupo also became personal notary to "chairman of the board" Carlo Gambino.

Cantalupo stated that his best friend in the mob was a Colombo family soldier by the name of Michael Bellino. He also had a business relationship with a Genovese crime family capo by the name of Louis LaRocca and personally knew and dealt with Funzi Tieri, one time front boss of the Genovese family, who Cantalupo would later testify against in court.


Cantalupo turned informant in 1972, for six years he wore a body mic in compromising situations and recorded incriminating conversations in secret late-night drives in his bugged Lincoln.

He was a considerable asset to the FBI in prosecuting mafia trials. He testified in court, wrote a book on his activities in organized crime titled "Body Mike" and also appeared on mafia related documentaries as an authority on mafia life.

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