Joseph "Joey" Giampa is a new york mobster and Caporegime in the Lucchese crime family.

In 1992, Giampa was charged with murder and later was acquitted. In December 1993, Giampa and his stepson Gennaro Vittorio decided to trust Richard Sabol, a government informant in establishing a company to import and export large amounts of heroin and cocaine in New Jersey. Giampa then began planning with capo Anthony Baratta to smuggle drugs and firearms into New Jersey.

In February 1994, Gennaro Vittorio learned from New York City police officer Vincent Davis that Sabol was a government informant. In August 1994, Giampa was indicted along with Gennaro Vittorio, Joseph Gaito, Guy Fatato, Benjamin Segarra, Louis Dorval, Elliot Porco, and John Capra on racketeering charges. In August 1995, Giampa was found guilty of conspiring to establish gambling operations and racketeering in New Jersey.

On September 21, 2001, Giampa was released from prison.

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