Joseph "Doo Doo" Pastore (Died 1976) was an associate of the Colombo crime family who was murdered in May 1976 by Colombo soldier Carmine Franzese. In the 1970s Pastore was a partner of future Bonanno crime family boss Joseph Massino in an untaxed cigarette smuggling operation. The cigarettes were smuggled in from South Carolina without any tax stamps and sold in New York. Pastore would also often times hang around Massino's deli on Fifty-Eighth Avenue in Maspeth, Queens and the two would use the upstairs appartment for business. Pastore was usually flush with cash and was known to the FBI as an "action guy" a man who would take a truck any way he could and bring it back to the industrial parts of Queens where middlemen like Massino would move the product on the streets or stash it in a warehouse. In June 1972 Pastore was arrested with two other men on charges that he possessed a load of stolen trucking cargo. The case against him was slim however and in February of 1973 the government dissmissed the case.


In mid May 1976 Pastore was driven by his girlfriend to a brownstone house in Queens. After about ten or fifteen minutes later Pastore exited the house looking freightened. His girlfriend stated that he didn't feel well and knew that something was coming down. Whatever had unsettled Pastore was a bad omen. Shortly thereafter Pastore was murdered by Colombo soldier Carmine "Tootie" Franzese in the same apartment above Joseph Massino's deli on Fifty-Eighth Avenue in Maspeth where the two would conduct business. Salvatore Vitale, then just an associate in the Bonanno family was tasked with cleaning up the apartment after the hit was done. Vitale states that he had barely been given a day's notice that the hit was going to go down. Vitale also alleges that his brother in law Massino also took part in the murder - firing two shots into Pastore's face however Massino denies this.

Pastore's body was found on June 1st, 1976 thrown in a dumpster at 58-77 fifty-seventh avenue in Maspeth, literally around the corner from where the hit took place. Massino told police that he had last seen his old friend on May 19th. Since he was a friend of the family Massino also went with Pastore's half brother Richard Dorme to identify the decomposed body. Dorme threw up in the morgue after the body was shown. It is unknown exactly why Pastore was murdered, what is known however is that Joseph Massino had his brother in law Sal Vitale borrow about $9,000 from him a few weeks prior to his assassination. Therefore it is possible that Massino had him killed rather than pay him back the money he owed.

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