Giuseppe Titio Piranio (1898-1956) was a boss of the Houston Family. He ruled the family for a long time. Joseph controlled a lot of strip joints and bars in the Houston area. He continued to have gambling lounges and some say he was even into narcotics. Joe Piranio allegedy committed suicide on October 27, 1956. He shot himself after a brief illness. Joe Civello took over after Joseph Piranio died.

There is quite a few sites that state Joseph T Piranio. was a mob boss. However. This man was my Grandfather. he was a house builder. and had no criminal record what so ever. He never was arrested for anything! These claims against him are false.

To my knowledge, Guiseppe never even lived in the Houston area. Two of his daughters did move there. It is obvious the original author does not have a clue what he is talking about. Guiseppe loved to play solitaire in his later years. He had several fine children of which one became an attorney. Perhaps, then, this another Joe Piranio and not your grandfather.

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