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Joseph Zerilli

Joseph "Uno" Zerilli (December 11, 1897 - October 30, 1977) was a Prohibition-era Detroit gangster who led the crime family known as the Detroit Partnership from the 1930s through the 1970s.


Born 'Giuseppe Zerilli in Terrasini, Sicily to Anthony and Rosalie Zerilli. He immigrated to the United States at age 17. Working as a laborer with the Detroit Gas Company, Zerilli reportedly founded the Purple Gang with William Joseph "Bugs Bill" Bernstein, Abe Bernstein, Harry Fleisher and Louis Fleisher at the onset of Prohibition. Zerilli began working with mobster Gaspar Milazzo to expand into loansharking, extortion, narcotics, labor racketeering, and bookmaking.

Rise to power

Joseph "Uno" Zerilli

In 1930, following the murder of Gaspar Milazzo by New York mobsters, the Purple Gang became involved in syndicate gambling operations. By 1936, Zerilli assumed control of Detroit's criminal operations. However, he officially became boss of the Detroit Partnership in 1936 when William "Black Bill" Tocco - stepped down. He would becoming one of the longest reigning mafia Don's in history.

As one of two members outside New York City's Five Families who dominated the Mafia Commission, Zerilli was highly respected in the criminal underworld. Zerilli was a well-known advocate for the rights of mobsters to control criminal activity within their own territory. Zerilli insisted that the Commission approve in advance any exceptions to that rule. Although suspected in numerous gangland slayings, Zerilli was convicted of only two criminal charges in his life; speeding, and carrying a concealed weapon.

Hoffa disappearance

After more than 40 years, Zerilli retired from racketeering in the early 1970s and his son, Anthony Zerilli assumed control (one of the few sons of mob bosses to successfully do so). However, in 1975 Zerilli was forced to return as boss; his son had been convicted of conspiring to conceal interests in a Las Vegas syndicate casino. It was shortly after the elder Zerilli returned to power that former Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa was released from prison and began campaigning to regain his former position.

Final years

On October 30, 1977, Joseph Zerilli died of natural causes. He was buried at Mount Olivet Cemetery in Detroit.

In April 2000, grandson and Detroit syndicate soldier Nove Tocco agreed to testify against his cousin and boss of the Detroit crime syndicate, "Jack" Giacomo Tocco. Nove was the first member of the Detroit crime family to turn states evidence since the family's founding in 1921.