Julius Petro

Julius Anthony Petro (died 1969) also known as "Julio", was a Cleveland, Ohio mobster and associate of the Los Angeles crime family.


Petro was a native of Cleveland, Ohio and later moved to California where he became an associate of the Los Angeles crime family. He would soon find out how truly ruthless his western sponsors could be. Petro was a known burglar and strong arm enforcer with a deceptively soft name. He was the victimizer who became a victim. Petro had once spent 18 months on death row for the murder of a former reform school friend. He was subsequently wriggled free from the death sentence on a retrial. He then organized and headed a team of safe cracking bank robbers many of whom would share his fate.

He was associated with a group of fellow Cleveland mobsters who had moved to L.A. including Ray Ferritto and his brother Mike Petro. In the forties, Petro and Ferritto were associates of Jimmy "the weasel" Fratianno's crew in the Los Angeles crime family.

In 1969, Petro was taken on a "one-way ride" to LAX airport by Ferritto and another mobster. Ferritto waited for a plane to take off, thrust a gun to the back of Petro's head and pulled the trigger. The murder resulted from a conflict with a well-known and successful bookmaker in Los Angeles who used Petro as muscle.

It wasn't until years later when Ferritto turned government witness that he admitted to murdering Petro.

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