Keith Ritson

Keith Ritson (disappeared 1978) was an Irish-American mobster and member of the Celtic Club, which was headed by notorious Irish mob boss Danny Greene.


Ritson was of Irish and Lithuanian descent, he became an enforcer and lieutenant of Danny Greene during the 1970s and was heavily involved in the gang war against the Cleveland crime family.

On Aug 20, 1976, Ritson and Kevin McTaggart, held 11 men at a poker game at bay while a third accomplice beat and shot to death Joseph Illius. The killer, Elmer Brittain, got off with a misdemeanor after saying that his gun accidentally went off as he was pistol-whipping Illius. Ritson and McTaggart had the case against them thrown out. In the same month Cleveland family mobster Leo "Lips" Moceri went missing. Mobster-turned-informant Angelo Lonardo told the feds, "I believe that Moceri was murdered by Danny Greene and Keith Ritson. This was done because John Nardi was having trouble and headaches from Leo Moceri, who at the time was the underboss of the Cleveland family."

On October 6, 1977, Greene was killed by a car bomb. On Nov 14, 1977, Ritson's home was bombed. Lonardo would testify later that the attack was probably ordered by Licavoli. Ritson only suffered cuts and said he was outside the house when the bomb was thrown, but it hit a wall and bounced away. Ritson and McTaggart later went onto to become associated with the Cleveland family through mobster Thomas Sinito when he began to recruit new street level workers to keep his drug operation running.

On November 16, 1978, Ritson disappeared. His car turned up a week later but without any evidence of a crime.

In October of 1982 Keith Ritson's body was found in a quarry.

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