Kevin J. McTaggart

Kevin J. McTaggart (date of birth unknown) was an Irish-American mobster, member of Cleveland's Irish mob and lieutenant of Danny Greene.


McTaggart was Danny Greene's cousin and also Vice president of the Celtic Club. In 1975, Greene began muscling in on many of the Cleveland crime family's operations. This greatly angered the Cleveland family leadership and would later lead to a bloody gang war for control of the city's underworld.

McTaggart once allegedly wired dynamite to the frame of rival mobster, Thomas Sinito's car. Sinito found the bomb in his car, removed it and later destroyed it. On October 6, 1977, Greene was killed by a car bomb, effectively ending the gang war.

McTaggart and Greene enforcer, Keith Ritson, later went onto to become associated with the Cleveland family through mobster Thomas Sinito when they began to work for him in a major drug operation in which mobsters Carmen Zagaria and Angelo Lonardo were also involved. McTaggart was last known to be serving a life sentence in a federal penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indiana.

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