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The Licavoli Mob was an Italian American mob that was based in Detroit and St. Louis. The mob was formed by the brothers Thomas "Yonnie" Licavoli and Peter "Pete" Licavoli. And wajugugytyuuguugugu ugu uub

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The family formed after Peter Licavoli's involvement in the Purple Gang in the 1930s. After the collapse of the Purple Gang, Peter Licavoli and his brothers gained control of much of the remnants of that gang and continued to conduct business in the Detroit and Toledo areas.

The family was officially recognized in 1939 with Peter Licavoli as Don. The Licavolis had strong ties to the Zerilli family and to the Giordano family in St. Louis. The family prospered and they used Italian restaurants as their base until it closed in the 1980s. The family formally collapsed in 1983 after the last made man was killed; however, the name lives on as part of the Tocco-Licavoli-Zerilli crime family.

At its height, the Licavoli mob's turf stretched from Detroit to most of Michigan, and parts of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. They also had interests in New York, Ohio (especially Toledo), Los Angeles, St Louis, Sicily and [[Naples.

The Licavoli–Riccmi mob wars

When Licavoli's ally, St. Louis boss Anthony Giordano, died from cancer in 1980, Mikey Trupiano came to the Licavoli mob to help him secure the position of boss in St Louis. Then-boss James Licavoli agreed on certain conditions – that the Licavoli's could put their own man, Capo Micheal DeAngelo, as the boss of the local union and that St. Louis had to be willing to do business with the Detroit and Licavoli families. But the Leisures were backed by the Licavolis' archrivals, the Riccmis. The Licavolis struck first – they bombed the Riccmis' club and killed a made man. The Riccmis struck back and almost killed Jack Licavoli. The fighting went on for six months until the Leisures formally surrendered the position to Trupiano.

Modern era

By the 1980s, the Licavolis had been rebuild by Angelo Licavoli who led the family into peace and profits the family had never seen before. With some reports claiming that Licavoli has a net worth of 400 million dollars. He and his brother Dom control a still strong and vast criminal empire .

Notable Members

  • Angelo Licavoli, Boss (1967-??)
  • Peter Licavoli, Boss (1930–1944)
  • Thomas Licavoli, Boss (1944–1955)
  • James T. Licavoli, Cleveland boss (1955–1983)
  • Rinaldo Ricco, Soldier (1956–1976)
  • Dominic Licavoli, Capo , (1940–1983) underboss, (1983-??)
  • Leo Moceri, Cleveland Consiglere (1960–1980)
  • Anthony Licavoli, Capo (1948–1980)
  • Micheal DeAngelo, Capo (1950–1970)
  • Mario Dinucci, Capo (1950–1979)
  • Marco "Little Norm" Dinucci, Soldier (1951?–1979)
  • Salvatori Dinucci, Soldier (1951?–1979)
  • Giovanni Mirabella, Soldier (1930–1955)
  • Jacob "Firetop" Sulkin, Associate (1931–1972)
  • Joseph Monti, Associate (1931–1960)[list membership disputed]
  • Franco Cupini, Soldier (1930–1979)