Lorenzo Mannino (born 1959 in Torretta, Sicily) is the current Underboss of the Gambino Crime Family.

John Gambino

In Mannino’s early criminal career, he began to work for powerful Gambino captain John Gambino. Both Mannino and Gambino were part of the “Zip” faction of the family, and generated profits off of the drug trade. According to former Gambino underboss - turned informant Sammy Gravano, on May 3, 1988 Mannino murdered Gambino associate Francesco Oliveri on orders of John Gambino. [1]


In 1994, Mannino pleaded guilty to drug trafficking and conspiring to murder Francesco Oliveri in 1988. Mannino was sentenced 15 years in prison. [2]

Release and Promotion

In 2004, Mannino was released and shortly after reportedly became a made man, and quickly rose to Caporegime.

In 2019, Mannino, upon the murder of then Underboss/Acting Boss Frank Cali, he promoted to new Underboss of the Gambino Crime Family

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