Louie "The Couch" Gelfuso

Luigi Gelfuso (born on August 7, 1925 in Providence, RI - died October 13, 2000) also known as "Louie", "Louie Ness" and "Louie the couch", was a Capo in the Los Angeles crime family.


He was nicknamed "Louie the couch" by FBI agent's who used to listen to a bug planted in his apartment. Gelfuso was always laying down on his couch while he was watching soap opera's and would talk to the soap show characters, and he would even cry at some of the sentimental scenes.

Gelfuso really had the Fed's almost pissing their pants with laughter, when he said to a soap character who was claiming she was a virgin to her boyfriend, "you fuckin' douchebag, your cherry is so far up your ass, you can use it for a tailgate."

L.A. family Underboss Carmen Milano initially resided with Gelfuso before owning and maintaining his own residence in the Tarzana district of Los Angeles.

In the late 80s the entire hierarchy of the family including the Milano brothers, captains Mike Rizzitello, Jimmy Caci, and Gelfuso along with many other mobsters were arrested on various charges, due largely to information and recordings collected by the Fiato brothers. These charges to so many members permanently crippled the family and put the family on the brink of extinction. While Rizzitello, who was acquitted of his original charges at trial, was sentenced to 33 years in prison in 1989 for attempted murder (where he would die in 2005) the Milano brothers plead guilty to lesser charges; Peter received a six-year prison sentence and Carmen received six months. Almost every member of the family charged pleaded guilty to receive lesser sentences and the FBI considered the Mafia finished in Los Angeles.

His son later went on to become a made man in the L.A. mob under boss Peter Milano who tried to rejuvenate the depleted family by inducting new members such as "Steve the Whale" Stephen Cino, singer "Bobby Milano" Charles Caci, Luigi "Louie" Gelfuso Jr. and shylock brothers Lawrence and Anthony Fiato into the family.

Gelfuso died in 2000 in North Hollywood of natural causes.

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