Mark Rossetti

Mark Rossetti was a Capo in the New England mafia who was indicted in 2010 on charges of gambling, drug trafficking, loan sharking, and running a sprawling criminal enterprise, and was also a long time FBI informant according to court documents.

The complete nature of Rossetti’s role with the FBI is not completely clear yet but the fact that Rossetti is a high ranking mafioso who was being investigated by State Police at the same time as he was working with the FBI has raised serious questions. Many wonder how close the FBI was monitoring Rossetti and the extent of his criminal activities while he worked along with them. The FBI when working with informants is required to follow very strict and clear guidelines that restrict what informants may do especially on a criminal level.

The investigation against Rossetti and his criminal organization by troopers from the State Police Special Services Section resulted in the execution of 30 search warrants which produced a seizure of $1.3 millions dollars from extortion cases, $120,000 in drug money , various illegal drugs, a pipe bomb and multiple weapons. Also charged in the case with Rossetti was his alleged soldier Darin Bufalino who has pleaded not guilty to all charges. Two others allegedly associated with Rossetti’s crime ring Michael Petrillo and Joseph Giallanella filed the documents to have their charges dismissed because of Rossetti’s relationship with the FBI and evidence obtained by him during that time should not be allowed because his relationship was not disclosed to judges who approved the wiretaps and search warrants.

Rossetti is currently in police custody, expecting to be cleared of the charges against him because of his status as an informant.

He is the second Capo of the Patriarca crime family in recent years to be revealed as a government informant, the other being Robert "Bobby" DeLuca.

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