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Martin J. "Marty" Lahart (December 22, 1899-July 2, 1975) was a FBI agent and a member of "The Untouchables" group of agents which included Eliot Ness. Lahart, an ex-Marine[1], was a Irish-American, his career and life story became inspiration for the fictional Jimmy Malone character, who was a Chicago police officer that was used in the critically acclaimed crime drama film The Untouchables, which starred Kevin Costner as Ness, and Sean Connery as the Malone character.

Interesting parallels between Lahart and the Jimmy Malone character

  • Both the Malone character and Lahart were of Irish background, Malone, born around 1862, was thirty five years older than the Lahart, who was in his early thirties when The Untouchables were in their heyday as organized crime fighters.[2]
  • While the character Jimmy Malone was New York City bred, transplanting to Chicago at around age 18 with his family, Lahart, who was born and raised in Chicago, retired after a long career in the FBI in 1970, settling with his wife in Tuscon, Arizona, where he lived until his death.
  • Like Malone, Lahart, muscular and tall like Malone, was also an avid boxing enthuasast.
  • While Malone was employed as Chicago police officer for nearly 40 years, and who, because of corruption in the force, was never promoted above beat cop; In contrast Lahart was one of the fast-rising young agents on the FBI, who at age thirty became one of the nine agents, along with Eliot Ness, would become "The Untouchables".


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