Michael "Mike" Adamo

Michael "Mike" Adamo (disappeared September 18, 1968) was a onetime acting consigliere of the Bonanno crime family who was killed for plotting to overthrow the family leadership.


In 1964, legendary crime boss Joseph "Bananas" Bonanno was deposed by the Commission as the boss of his crime family for plotting to kill the bosses of other La Cosa Nostra families in a grab for power. Gaspare DiGregorio was named boss of the Bonanno's. By 1966, Paul Sciacca would become the new boss of the family and in 1968 made his followers Frank Mari acting underboss and promoted Adamo to consigliere.

Unknown to boss Sciacca, soon after their promotions, Mari and Adamo began to plot against him and planned to remove him from power and possibly eliminate him all together, but their plans were revealed and on the night of September 18, 1968 both men disappeared, never to be heard from again. Bonanno soldier and former Mari underling Phillip Rastelli [died 1991], a former Bonanno loyalist, who switched allegiance to the DiGregoiro-Sciacca faction at the start of the war became a top suspect in the disappearance and was promoted to capo of the old Mari crew upon Mari's ascension to underboss and was later made consigliere by boss Paul Sciacca immediately following the disappearance of Adamo and Mari, while former Bonanno loyalist Natale Evola was promoted to underboss in place of Mari.

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