Michael Persico

Michael Persico

Michael Persico (born 1957) is an alleged associate of the Colombo Crime Family. He is the son of Colombo boss Carmine Persico and the brother of former acting boss Alphonse Persico. According to informant Greg Scarpa, Michael was inducted as a made member in the 1980's, though other sources refuse this.


For many years, Michael was the only son of the official boss of the crime family, Carmine (Junior) Persico, who has not been charged with mob crimes. He denied numerous claims that he was involved with the Colombos and says that he is only a hard-working legitimate businessman. Persico owns a restaurant and oversees Romantique Limousines, a Bensonhurst, Brooklyn car service company. He lives in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn with his two daughters.

Devine Murder

In the early morning hours of January 24, 1992, Michael Devine, a Staten Island night club owner, was shot to death after he drove his car into the garage of his apartment. According to once feared Colombo enforcer Frank Sparaco (Frankie Blue eyes), who turned rat, Devine was killed because he was having an affair with Teresa Persico, Alphonse Persico's wife. Sources claim that Alphonse dragged his brother Michael into the Devine murder plot during numerous tape-recorded telephone calls he made to Michael from his prison cell in Milan, Michigan. It is believed that he told Michael to pass the order to kill Devine to family associates. Devine's body was found riddled with bullets, including two gunshot wounds to the groin area, which were a sign that Devine was killed because he had been intimate with the spouse of a member of La Cosa Nostra.

Trucking Shakedown

In May 2010, Michael, his cousin and Colombo Capo Theodore Persico Jr, and several other associates were charged with using a trucking company they controlled to shake down the Testa Corporation, a Boson-based excavating company involved in the Ground Zero cleanup for untold hundreds of thousands of dollars in kickback payments in recent years. Both Persicos secretly met with other top wise guys from New York to Boston as they used threats of violence and economic harm to line their pockets with cash. Both Theodore and Michael face racketeering charges that could keep both behind bars for the rest of their lives. This is Michael Persico's first arrest.

Vending Machine Scam

In 2010, Michael Persico also became the focus of a federal grand jury probe into one of the oldest of mob scams: the placement of candy and soda machines. His vending machines were allegedly part of a secret business deal he has involved with mob-run car dealerships.

Plea Deal

In 2012 just before his trial for racketeering and multiple murders included in a sweeping indictment back in 2010, was set to begin he cut a deal with the feds. The plea deal turned out to be a sweet one for Persico because he only had to plead guilty to loan-sharking charges instead of racketeering or murder. He avoids being charged with ordering the rubout of a fellow Colombo member, the 12th and final murder in an internal family war, in the early 1990s. He is accused of having his henchmen whack Joseph Scopo, a mobbed-up concrete-union official, in 1993, during a war for control of the family. Instead of facing life in prison at trial Michael now will be facing a sentence of only 37-46 months.

In September 2014 Persico wanted his sweetheart plea deal yanked despite facing the prospect of life in prison if he’s convicted at trial. He accuses the government of breaching an agreement in which he would face only 37 to 46 months in prison. In November, his request was denied.

Other Evidence of Michael's Involvement with the Colombos

Legendary Colombo captain John Franzese (Sonny) was once caught on tape by an undercover informant praising the approach to the mob lifestyle used by Michael Persico saying “He don’t have to be a goodfella, he is doing different kind of work”.

Information from former Colombo mobsters turned rat including alleged capo Carmine Sessa indicated there was also an illegal side to Michael’s legitimate businessman public profile. Sessa said Michael supplied his brother Alphonse with 100 thousand dollars to help the Persico faction in the 1990’s during the deadly Colombo family civil war.

People Killed by Michael Persico

1). Joseph Scopo/ Colombo Capo/ Scopo was killed because he was a member of the rival faction during the third Colombo war.

2). Michael Devine/ Staten Island night club owner/ Devine was killed because Alphonse Persico was angry that he was sleeping with his wife.


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